house training puppy dogHelping your puppy dog be house trained (a.k.a house broken) can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Problem: My puppy goes potty in the house.

Solution: Most puppies have a tendency to think that the world is their toilet. If you don’t share their bohemian point of view on this then you might want to train them to signal you when they have to go. How?

First, install a little bell near the door (not on the door). Then, shortly after your pet has finished eating and drinking, lead them to the door, ring the bell, take them outside and tell them to “go potty.” If you do this consistently then soon they will associate food and water with bell – door – outside – potty. After a while, they will be ringing the bell themselves to indicate to you that they are ready to go outside for potty.

[NOTE: If your puppy continues to have accidents in the house, avoid the temptation to rub their nose in it and spank them. This is confusing to them since a dog will typically associate the smell of bowel movements with that location and possibly increase the likelihood of another undesired incident.]

Problem: My puppy is chewing up everything in sight.

Solution: Assuming your puppy isn’t “teething,” it is likely that they are just lonely, bored or experiencing some separation anxiety. Spending ample time with your puppy and taking them on frequent walks where they have freedom to do what they want can help release a lot of that pent up energy and anxiety. If a puppy feels fulfilled by the attention they already get from you they will be less likely to feel the need to demand your attention by chewing up all your stuff.

[NOTE: Of course, there will be times that the puppy will be alone no matter what. So, find an enchanting chew toy or bone that will keep them occupied/distracted.]

Bottom Line: Puppies will be puppies and they will make many mistakes but so will you. Be patient. Don’t resort to physical punishment. Always reinforce positive behavior.

Happy house training!