dog puppy breederThere are several ways to acquire a puppy. Choosing which way is often financially or even politically motivated. Below are some details that may prove useful to you in deciding where to get your new puppy.

Shelters/Rescue Groups

Adopting a puppy is perhaps the noblest way to acquire a puppy. It is also usually the least expensive. Most shelters and rescue groups do charge an adoption fee but after considering that vaccinations, de-worming and neutering/spaying is usually included, you will likely find it the most attractive option for your budget. In addition, most shelters and rescue groups want to find the best home for the individual puppy so they are motivated to find one that will fit perfectly into your circumstances. They even typically do behavioral analysis on their pups to help give you a good idea of what personality you are getting before you get it.


Buying from a breeder is a very good way to ensure you get a quality pup (although there are never any guarantees). It is often the most expensive option. Now, we aren’t talking about back yard breeders that will sell to anyone with cash in hand. We are talking about responsible breeders. What’s the difference and how can you know?

Well, you have to do your homework. You might want to start on the internet but ultimately you will probably want to ask for referrals by reputable veterinarians or trusted friends or by contacting local breeding clubs.

Pet Stores (brick and mortar or online)

Although pet stores are often the most convenient way to buy pets and are typically moderate in price range, most organizations that focus on the humane treatment of animals will advise against it. This is because pet stores often get their puppies from puppy mills, which are notorious for shady breeding practices and deplorable living environments. It may require a lot of research to find a pet store that does not buy from puppy mills as they usually go to extreme lengths to conceal this fact.

Buying or adopting a puppy is a big decision that you will have to live with for the next 10-20 years so it never hurts to put some extra time and thought into where you will get your next puppy.

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